Cardroom Conspiracy Theories - Not Just for Chat Boxes Anymore!

Online poker is infested with people peddling conspiracy theories. These theories are typically part of table talk in the chat box at your favorite poker site.

You can also see these theories bandied about in poker message boards and in the usenet group.

But today I received my first unsolicited email that suggested a particular poker site was cheating.

Here is the mail I received (link and poker room removed.)
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* Have you ever had a problem with xyzpokersite?
* Have they froze your money for no reason
* Have they blocked your account?
* Have they given you a chat ban?

Come and let others know about it and read the nightmares that others have experienced. Come and join the community forum and post away.

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The link goes to a site with affiliate banners and a sales pitch for another poker room surrouding a complaint about a particular poker site.

Here are some excerpts from this player's complaint

Currently my account is blocked and I have no way to get my funds that are in that account. Let me explain the full details and you will see the whole situation.


I had cashed out many times before with no issues, but this time it stated that my account had been blocked from cashing out, as my account was under investigation. I immediately went through to live support to find out what the problem was. The only thing they could tell me was that the account was being looked at and will be blocked until further notice.


My account stayed in blocked mode for about 10 days. During that time I decided to open another account and play with. Finally after the 10 days I received an email that stated my account was fully opened again.


I received an email On October 19, 2005 stating that my account has been blocked, due to having multiple accounts. In the email it asks me to reply with all the accounts I have opened and tell them which one I would like to keep, which I did immediately. I received an email back about a week later, stating that I now have to send them my drivers license for them to take action on my account. I replied that I do not drive and to just release my funds to my Neteller account, since I will never play with them again and that I did not need them to open the account. They replied stating that there is nothing they can do until I sent them my drivers license, which I do not own.

There will undoubtedly be people who read this person's missive and worry. It is true that there are innocent players caught up in investigations of accounts. And it is also true that many poker sites have poor communications skills in the customer service department. These factors can make sorting out problems difficult.

Almost every problem like this I have read about ends fairly. Poker sites routinely ask for information confirming your identity. Once this fellow sends in a copy of his identification, he will be paid.

However, there are some lessons here for those of you who will be joining the world of online poker.

When a poker site tells you your account is under investigation, contact their security team and ask "why" and be patient and calm.

Poker sites investigate accounts for activity that may be suspicious or may be normal. Some behavior triggers site oversight. Some examples might be:

*Activities such as a short time between a credit card deposit and another form of withdrawal.
*Winning a lot of money heads-up against one other player
*Cashout to account with different contact information.
*Playing a lot of hands with another player
*Multiple accounts for the same person.
*Money transfers of recently deposited money.

Don't open more than one account on any poker site.

If you open a second account on any particular site, chances are the software will prevent you from registering. If you circumvent this step by using a different e-mail address, you may still have problems funding your account with the same online banking account you used for your first account. If you are still able to do this, you may experience delays in cashout, like our friend here.

Send in identification when asked.

Its really quite easy for any adult to copy a state ID card or driver's license and fax to a poker room to confirm identity.

Typical reasons people refuse to do this are that the person is underage and is violating the site's terms and conditions by playing there. Other reasons that some have trouble sending in ID are that they've opened accounts in other people's names such as their father, brother, etc. Sometimes players do this because they are underage. Others seem to do this to take advantage of site bonuses.

If you don't have a driver's license, but you are otherwise compliant with the site's rules. Then contact support and establish their acceptance of another form of identification.

Bottom line: This fellow will have no problem getting his money if in fact this story is true and he does not have other account irregularities.